Rock n Rollers – Blackpool Day 3!

Another full English before out to bask in the sun again! We headed up the prom to Madame Tussaud’s,  we met Freddie Mercury, Cheryl Cole, Alan Carr and Mo Farah but all the staff only wanted a photo with Mr Davies!

We then had a quick lunch and headed into… THE DUNGEONS! As we dragged them (Mrs Cumberlidge, Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Paylor) into the deepest darkest pits of Blackpool to discover all about the plague, the war of roses, and torturous methods! Mrs Cumberlidge strangely seemed to know all the methods?!

Next we had a go on the 2p flipper machines (old school) before heading up to Tower! A 4D film flying over Blackpool before getting the lift to the top… most of us braved the glass floor before heading up MORE steps to the very top! What a daring and brave afternoon we had!

On the way back to the hotel we decided to have an impromptu paddle in the sea, Noah thought it would be a great idea to write our Christian Values in the sand to take pictures of for our website.

Then it was back to the hotel for a roast dinner and our awards night and disco.

What a day!


Blackpool Bloggings – Day 2!

   English all the way to get us going then off for a walk down the prom on a gorgeous day here in Blackpool. We strolled down North pier and got a ride on the merry go round before heading out on a heritage tram for a ride up and down the golden mile.

We then headed into the tower for fun in Jungle Jims and enjoyed lunch on the prom basking in the sun. We headed into the circus in the afternoon and were amazed at some of the dare devil antics and hilarious jokes of Mooky the clown, although everyone agreed he was nowhere near as funny as Mr Davies.

For out evening meal we had soup, bangers and mash and ice cream to finish before heading downstairs in the lounge for disco bingo (which Will won)!

All off to bed now after another long day Full ready for the morning!


Brilliant Blackpool – Day 1!

What a day we have had! After an easy ride up the M6 we made it to the Pleasure Beach, we could not believe how huge the Big One was!!! First we had lunch whilst we waited for the rain to stop then it was on the River Caves, everyone rode before we headed off to Nickelodeon Land! It was then off to THE BIG ONE! Everyone who got in the queue rode and Mrs Danylyk lost a hair clip! What a view from the top!!!

We were thrill rides all the way then, infusion, The Grand National (Mr Davies’ team won), Ice Blast and the Avalanche.

It was then time for Valhalla! To say we were all soaked was an understatement; Lewis thought that was his shower for the rest of the week!

It was then onto the hotel where we grabbed our keys for our rooms then headed down for our evening meal, we had garlic bread or soup for starters, then fish, burger or pizza and a choice of desserts.

We all sang happy birthday to Jess, had some lovely cake and then headed up to bed.

Update… morning 2… all slept well, we have enjoyed full English before heading off for a ride on a tram and to the circus!